Pool Construction

Here’s what to expect in working with Bryant Pools to build your new swimming pool. We start with a consultation, designing your new pool according to your needs, backyard & budget. After the design is approved, we pull all the appropriate permits according to local and state law. Once the permits have been secured, we begin the construction process.

Our New Pool Construction Process - Layout & Excavation

Layout & Excavation

We start by forming your pool shape using stakes and redwood forms. This form represents what will become your pool shell. The forms will be the exact location, shape and size of your finished pool. Once the form is constructed, we begin excavation. We dig the earth from your pool and either haul away or keep on-site for back-filling construction as necessary.


When the earth is removed, we place rock. We use larger 3/4 – stone under our pools to allow better water control and drainage, ensuring a stable base for the pool shell. Smaller stones will eventually settle into the mud under the pool and upset hydraulics that are critical in preventing pool popping washouts and hollow areas under your pool.

Steel, Plumbing & Electrical

Where code only requires a 4″ bond beam, we use a wider 8″ beam in the top wall of your pool. We also add a second bar of steel in the beam and use a 7-iron design, creating a stronger, more dependable pool shell. All steel is placed and crossed 1 foot on the center throughout the pool to strengthen the shell and lessen the chance of cracking.


2″ & 3″ PVC pipe, will be installed and ran to the mechanical equipment location. Returns are a must in your pool. Therefore we use 3 wall returns to ensure proper circulation, along with properly sized pool piping.


We use licensed and knowledgeable electricians. They will inspect your service panel, bond the steel and initiate your first inspection.

Our New Pool Construction Process - Shotcrete

Inspections & Shotcrete

We place the permit in a permit container, secured it next to the construction site. Make sure the building permit is still accessible for signing by the inspectors. If the container is not there, please notify us immediately.


A Shotcrete system is used on your pool, versus Gunite, since Shotcrete is design mixed at a batch plant, with fully computerized measuring and mixing of Portland cement, rock, sand, water and additives. This ensures a consistent, strong, quality tested product. The PSI (pounds per sq inch of strength) is approximately 5,000 when cured. The mix is trucked to your site where we use a pump to spray the mix onto our preset steel, shaping and forming the shell, stairs, and swim-outs.

Our New Pool Construction Process - Tile, Coping & Water Features


With all lines (plumbing, electrical & gas) ran, we’re ready to compact the deck area with a sub-base material to the appropriate elevation.

Tile, Coping & Water Features

Here your pool begins to take on personality, as you pick from many choices in tile and coping. We apply your choice of ceramic tile in a 6″ band along the top inside edge of your pool to prevent staining at the water line. Your choice of coping, field stone or other, is installed by our stone mason along the edge of your pool. If you opt out of coping/stone, the cantilever edge of the deck serves as the pool’s top finish.


The water features included in your pool design, such as a waterfall, fountain, bubbler, or deck jet, are installed now. Although be aware that running water is the last step in this process!

Deck Layout & Deck Pour

The deck form is set. We install cushion sand, place steel reinforcing and have the electrician bond for inspection. Large concrete trucks need access to the site at this time. Make sure to keep all cars cleared and children away from the area.


Depending on the decking you chose (Shellock, Travertine, Pavers, Exposed Aggregate or plain), the process varies here. If you are having a screen enclosure built, your enclosure will be started now.

Pool Equipment

Our licensed electrician will schedule an appointment with you to access your main electrical panel. Your applicable lighting, filtration, timing, heat & automated cleaning equipment will have been installed. Now all mechanical equipment will be wired prior to plaster.

Interior Finish

Finally, the pool interior is coated with the finish you chose to coordinate with your tile & coping. You can choose from a range of premium Pebble Tec/Pebble Sheen blends, a standard white finish, upgraded quartz additive or Diamond-Brite coating. We’ll help you match your finish, tile & coping based on the style & mood you’re looking to create in your backyard.


Before we apply the finish, the pool & surrounding area must be kept as clean as possible. This means any projects that create mess (dirt, smoke, dust, etc) must be completed before the finish installed or prepared to wait until after the pool is filled. Also, your fence or temporary fence must be installed to meet local & state codes prior to filling the pool.

Filling & Start-up

Until the water level has risen to the middle of the tile band, DO NOT turn off the water or move the hose. This prevents a dirt ring from staining the pool interior. Once the pool is full, turn the water off & call us.


We’ll start up the mechanical equipment and teach you the basics of your initial pool care. If you chose one of the various automated systems, we’ll be on-site programming your controls. For the next week you will test and lower your pH (unless you choose an automated acid system), brush & backwash the pool. The pool construction process is done. Congratulations, your pool is swim-ready!