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Bryant Pools is the premier pool builder in Ormond Beach, Florida. We believe in building every swimming pool like it’s in our own backyard. If you dream of a space that inspires, creates memories & will endure the test of time, you’re in good company. With extensive training on exterior design and color theory, we put creativity before the blueprints. We get to know you & your family, your needs and your space before we render a drawing.


We specialize in the construction of reinforced concrete pools, practicing strict steel and concrete placement rules, along with soil types & compaction. We use only the finest water proofing materials and follow all ANSI standards. We’ve received design awards and completed projects of world-class quality.


Environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient pool systems are used exclusively on all of our new pool projects. All new pools meet or exceed current safety standards that include barrier laws, water velocity rules, entrapment & entanglement codes and circulation standards, and use the latest sanitization and salt systems.


Browse our pool gallery for inspiration and give us a call today to get started building the pool of your dreams.

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