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Bryant Pools Builds World Class Swimming Pools through our Central Florida and The U.S. Virgin Islands.
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Riverside Pool – Ormond Beach, FL

We recently designed and built this beautiful riverside pool in Ormond Beach, Florida. The vanishing edge draws the viewer’s perspective out to the river, where at the right angle the pool’s edge seamlessly blends into it.

Our New Pool Construction Process - Tile, Coping & Water Features
Our New Pool Construction Process - Deck Layout & Pour

The pool uses a grade beam & column-built design, reinforcing its structure to allow this style of pool under any soil conditions, which is particularly important when building in the softer soils near a body of water.

The swim-up bar allows you to serve your pool guests at their level while staying dry. It includes custom barstools & a granite bar top, with LED lighting for evening events.

This inviting, multispeed spa is located right off the lanai & features stacked jets for soaking & therapy. It’s coated with Pebble Sheen for a smooth interior surface. So you’ll be comfortable while seated in the spa.

pool, pool contractors, pool builders, vanishing edge, ormond beach

By using Dual Salt Systems for chlorination, coupled with an Ionization light, the pool is virtually maintenance-free. The pool has 4 Hayward super-eco gas heaters, all controlled by OmniLogic, keeping the pool at 95°F year-round. The spa can reach 104°F in just 10 minutes year-round.

The European Living Room features a 4’ custom granite fire pit with water features & LED lighting. Using a Penta Burner to mimic a real fire, the fire pit is fueled by propane. The seats are made of hand-carved travertine, set at a 3″ angle for seating comfort.

The pool is controlled entirely by OmniLogic, a single screen interface downloaded as an application to your phone. You can turn on jets, bubblers, lights and even control the temperature of your spa from your phone.

This riverside pool was built with luxury entertaining in mind. We are happy to say that the owners are very satisfied with all the features they have to offer guests. In it’s gorgeous riverside location, it’s the perfect place to relax & unwind, watching the sunset each evening.

If you are interested in getting a quote to have your dream Florida pool built or would like to discuss having a your outdated pool renovated, give us a call today for a free consultation! Enjoy your backyard again.

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